Analytics, Insights & Portfolio Management for DeFi Traders.


Portfolio Management

SwapSights uses state of the art portfolio management software, specifically innovated to help you become a better trader.Learn More >

Analytics & Insights

SwapSights tracks your trades both on and off the platform, providing you with feedback on your trading style.Learn More >

Trading Tools & Software

By offering a collection of tools designed to enhance your trading experience, SwapSights aims to minimize your losses while maximizing your profits.Learn More >

The $SIGHT Token

SwapSights Coin

$SIGHTS is the native utility token of the SwapSights trading ecosystem. Holding $SIGHTS token in your crypto or DeFi wallet grants you access to premium features and revenue benefits.

The Benefits

Earn, Trade, Grow

Holding SIGHT Token grants you access to the Premium Plan & allows you to benefit from platform royalties deposited directly to your wallet.SwapSights shares 50% of its revenues with holders via proportional dividends.

Elevate your DeFi trading with SwapSights today.

SwapSights Software

Elevate your DeFi trading experience with SwapSights, your comprehensive all-in-one trading assistance software. Our platform offers a suite of powerful features, including Analytics, Insights, and a holistic Portfolio Management system, tailored to meet the needs of traders in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.Choose between our Starter Plan for foundational analytics and insights or our Premium Plan for advanced features.

Basic Plan


Basic Plan for the beginner trader. Simple but efficient.

  • Access to all of SwapSights Analytics & Insights Tech

  • Profit & Loss (P&L)

  • Best & Worst Trade Stats

  • Access to SwapSight LeaderBoard

  • Access to SwapSights Trading Competitions

  • Category Based Success Rates

Premium Plan


+ Token Holding Requirement

Capitalize on SwapSights' true power with the Premium Plan.

  • Everything included in the Basic Plan +

  • Access to the SwapSights Trading Tools Software

  • Includes: Sniper Programs, Bots and more

  • Access to the SwapSights Portfolio Management Software

  • Includes: Custom Tailored trading plans & portfolio management specific to your trading style

Custom Plans

Custom advanced plans are available upon request.


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